Sunday, December 4, 2016

Post-Election (2016): Full ACA Repeal Still Not Heavily Supported

In what the Huffington Post's Jonathan Cohn refers to in his recent article as the "first major post-election survey on Obamacare," the monthly Kaiser Family Foundation poll (in the field November 15-21) has found support for "repeal[ing] the entire law" at 26% of the U.S. public. Veteran readers of the Health Care Polls blog will notice that this figure is consistent with the 20-30 percent range of support for full repeal that has existed for most of the six years the Affordable Care Act has been in existence. Further, according to the KFF report:

Among those who want to see the ACA repealed (26 percent of total population), 31 percent want to see the health care law just repealed and not replaced. Two-thirds want lawmakers to repeal the health care law and replace it with a Republican-sponsored alternative, including 42 percent who want lawmakers to wait to repeal until the details of a replacement plan have been figured out and 21 percent who want them to repeal the law immediately and figure out a replacement plan later.

Taking the 26% who want the law repealed and multiplying by the 31% (.31) of pro-repeal respondents who want no replacement, we get a grand total of 8% of respondents who want to go back to the pre-ACA health-care system.

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