Friday, April 29, 2016

Delving Deeper Into What Advocates of Repeal Prefer Specifically

Via Charles Gaba at, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports on a follow-up question in its latest poll that asks respondents advocating repeal of the Affordable Care Act what they specifically prefer (link). In an initial question about possible modifications to the law, 32 percent of respondents chose "repeal the entire law," among options that included "expand what the law does" (30% support), "move forward with implementing the law as it is" (14%), and "scale back what the law does" (11%). The rest said none of the above, don't know, etc.

The 32 percent who favored repeal of the ACA were asked a follow-up question that focused on preferences for Congress to "replace it with a Republican-sponsored alternative" or "not replace it"   (see Figure 4 on the above-linked page). Among the 32 percent favoring repeal on the original question, 37.5 percent (i.e., 12 percent of the full sample) favored replacement with a Republican alternative and an identical 37.5 percent (12 percent of full sample) favored no replacement. The latter amounts to going back to the pre-ACA health care system. The rest said none of these, don't know, etc.

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