Monday, November 14, 2011

Poll on Individual Mandate

Via Talking Points Memo, a new CNN/ORC poll (November 11-13) shows 52% of Americans supporting the individual-mandate component of the 2010 health-care-reform law. The requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance (with subsidies for some) has been one of the least -- if not the least -- popular elements of the reform law. The wording of the survey item (from Polling Report) is as follows:

"As you may know, the health care bill passed in 2010 includes a provision that will require all Americans who do not have health insurance to get it. Do you favor or oppose that provision?"

That seems to me like pretty clear wording. In June (apparently the last time CNN/ORC polled on this issue), 44% favored the individual mandate (the June wording, which is also shown on Polling Report, is very similar to that used in the recent survey). There really may be some shifting taking place in public opinion or this could be a one-time "blip." Future polls will help indicate which.

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